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Why should you apply?


What's the point?
Its 2012 and some fantastic companies are being created and nurtured in India. is a platform for entrepreneurs in India to meet and greet others like themselves and raise funding for their ventures.

What is common among all the companies listed here?
They have been coded in India. They have 10,000+ people visiting/using their site monthly.

How can we be added to the list?
If you meet the criteria above, click on apply and expect a response within two days.

How do you verify that participants meet the criteria that you have listed?
We believe that inherently, the world is good. Currently we honor what the companies tell us and take it as true.

Why is it important to list the city where the company was started?
By listing the city, you make it easier for us to classify companies. So people can search for and then narrow it down to or

Is there a “Nurtured in India” or “Nurtured in (name of city)” logo that we can display?
We stick to and don’t have a logo. In case you want to get creative with linking your profile here on to your startup website, you can use adverbs to express individuality. Some examples of this could be, “Passionately nurtured in Mumbai”, “Lovingly nurtured in Bangalore”.

I have some suggestions, where should I send them?
Send them in to hello (at) nurtured (dot) in